jackie ding

Jackie DING

2015 Formula Lites Driver

Current Group-A Racing Development Driver

Birthday: December 21, 1997

Height: 173.5 CM (5ft 8.3in.)

Weight: 53 Kg (116.8 lbs)

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Residence: Potomac, MD, USA

Languages I speak: Chinese, English, learning French & Japanese

Family: My mother Jing Wang, father Charles Ding, and sister Angela Ding

Racing goals: Become the 1st Chinese driver in IndyCar

Most memorable racing achievement: Winning my first race at Thunderhill & charging from 11th to 2nd at Mid-Ohio.

Racing heroes: Michael Schumacher

Person who was the greatest influence: Schumacher & my dad

Hobbies: Driving, mostly.

Favorite clothing store: Uh, Macy’s?

Favorite music: Super Eurobeat, One OK Rock, Linkin Park

Favorite song: Rage Your Dream by "M.O.V.E."

Personal vehicle: 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S

Favorite TV show: TopGear UK

Favorite movie: Rush

Favorite actor: Paul Walker

Favorite actress: Jordana Brewster

Favorite book: (The Art of) Racing in the Rain

Favorite food: Chinese-style Fried potato strips

Favorite drink: Sprite/Sierra Mist

Best day of the year: Whenever I win a race, or beginning of Summer Vacation.

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