Our Team

Group-A Racing was formed in the ’90s as they raced go-karts locally on Long Island where they were winning countless regional races and championships. Following their success in the Legend Cars Series, the team made its debut in Pro Racing with USF2000 in 1996 at the Walt Disney World Speedway. They have gone on to race in many other categories including World Challenge GT, Trans-Am and AGT. Group-A Racing made a successful return to F2000 competition in 2009 with rookie drivers Jonathan Scarallo and Collin Alexander. Most recently in 2011 they dominated a reality television race-series, Circuit Battles.



The man behind the name Group-A Racing, Joe Scarallo Sr. (aka “Papa Joe.”) A very colorful personality, Papa Joe leads the team from inside the racing paddock. Whether it's his thick New York accent yelling and screaming in excitement for his drivers, or just his spontaneous personality, Papa Joe is a distinct member of the racing community.

Growing up as a car fanatic since he was a child in Australia, Joe Scarallo has never lost that passion for cars and motor racing. He seeks nothing more then to win races and championships with this organization. To make that happen, he makes full use of over 35 successful years from his business experiences plus 25 years in motorsports. He also has a huge passion for working with his drivers to make them the best that they can possibly be, and extracting every last thousandth of second out of them. He has tremendous experience helping them improve in areas ranging from the driving perspective, physiological stand-point and to other ares helping the driver improve weekend to weekend. Along with that, he strives to give his drivers the best equipment and personnel possible so that they can win races and championships.



TEAM manager

Jonathan Scarallo has grown up going to the track literally since he was in his mother's womb, and thus it's the only thing he has ever really known. Though, he wouldn't have it any other way. With that, he has been able to grow a knowledge and expertise about the sport well beyond his physical years.

Jonathan handles all the day-to-day tasks for the team. Along with that, when at the track, he is able to take all of his experience and success from behind the wheel in helping drivers as the "Driver Coach.' Evaluating the drivers when on the track and then after the sessions, Jonathan goes over the data and the in-car footage to help guide the young drivers onto the winner's podium next race.


Alain clarnival


Alain joins Group-A Racing with an incredibly colorful background working in Formula 1, Indy Car, IMSA, Indy Lights, Atlantics just to name a few. Alain was lead engineer of the IMSA GTLM factory Jaguar effort, coming on the last year to turn the program around. Prior to that he was engineer in the infamous Nissan GTP IMSA programs. Won many races in ChampCar/IndyCar along with the championship in Indy Lights followed by Atlantics. Having worked along with some of the biggest names in the sport such as Senna, Junqueira, Gentilozzi, Brabham, Servia, Bomarito to name a few. 

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alex fedurco


Alex joins Group-A Racing coming from extensive open wheel background. Starting off working in car dealerships he transitioned to the Canadian Bridgestone Tire Racing School mechanics program. From there he got a job with a Canadian F1600 team winning that championship before moving to USF2000 Series. Now Alex works as one of Group-A Racing fly in mechanics while working for another Canadian F1600 team as well.


Chris LONG


Chris has been in motorsports all of his life. Chris Dad is a long time race mechanic working in Indy Car & IMSA. With that, Chris has grown up with a wrench in his hand traveling the country going racing. Chris has worked in many different arenas and for many programs such as the factory Dodge SRT IMSA GTLM program. He know works for his Dad’s prep business preparing club customer cars such as Mclaren GT3, late models and variety of other machines while also working for Group-A Racing on the open wheel side of things.

Robbie Scarallo

web / art director

Has full control over what is written here... Trying to think of something clever... um... but, has nothing.
Fast Facts:
-Knows more about "Carvel" than "cars."
-Doesn't know the differential between the drivetrain and the axel shaft.
-Pet Peeve: People having more than 10 items in the "10 items or less" line. Need branding, web or other media work?

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Eric Lopez


Eric joins Group-A Racing with 25+ years of experience in motorsports. Having worked everything from prototypes, Indy Car, Formula E and everything in between. Worked for programs like Dyson, factory Acura prototype program with Highcroft and countless others. Eric still works on many of the Le Man Prototypes that he used to compete with now that they are in vintage racing and also works with Group-A Racing on the pro racing with the F4 & F3 program.